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Digital Alarm Clocks

If digital is your preferred type of alarm clock, we have over 100 to choose from in this section alone!

You’ll find modern styles from great names such as The London Clock Company, Karlsson, Newgate and Nextime.

With the digital alarm clocks comes a great range of features such as iPod and iPhone dock, time projection, automatic radio controlled time setting and DAB digital radio.

Projection Clocks: Project the current time onto the ceiling, or some have an adjustable arm so that you can project the time just about anywhere in the room

From those of us who like a clock with simple functions, to those of us that like a fully adjustable digital clock just bursting with features, we have it all!

With all of the leading brands you are sure to find the right clock. If you need some friendly advise we would be happy to guide you through our alarm clocks and their functions and features.