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Clocks for the Home & Office

Welcome to Tick Tock Clocks. We are the UK’s leading supplier of clocks; we have been supplying clocks for over 5 years for use in the home or office. Our team are passionate about time keeping and we source unique and distinctive clocks from around the world that will help transform your space.

While many clocks are functional in nature – such as your alarm clock – we also believe that a clock can help make a room more stylish and complete, they can be a fashion statement and provide a hint of lifestyle.

With spring approaching, many people haven’t thought about putting up a garden clock, these are a wonderful garden accessory and are built to survive the toughest weather conditions.

We have a huge range of wall clocks to suit your lifestyle, finished in traditional and modern style. They come in a wide variety of sizes up to one meter so if your looking for a large timepiece that really makes a statement your in the perfect place.

Children have a huge amount to gain from having a clock in their room, as well as learning to tell the time they are able to start learning to plan their time. Kids clocks come in a huge range of sizes and themes, from their favourite characters to fun ideas that make telling the time enjoyable and rewarding.

If you’re off on your holidays you may want to look in our travel alarm clock section, we have traditional style analogue and digital timepieces that are pocket sized and ideal for travelling.

Our commercial clocks are brilliant if you are looking for an office or meeting room clock, our extensive range of wall clocks has plenty of options for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Looking for a traditional clocks, then look no further our collection of traditional includes wall, carriage and alarm clocks, we have hundreds to choose from in a variety of colours and finishes such as wood.

We have you enjoy your time here on Tick Tock Clocks, if you need any assistance or have any comments, we always love to hear them. Feel free to call our team on 0800 862 0310 or get in touch via email or mail, our details can be found on our contact page.